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PT. Ciptabuana
Sukses Lestari


PT. Ciptabuana Sukses Lestari (Innovation Factory) provides a platform for early stage startups to do tech development activities; empowering key actors in the tech startup ecosystem to meet, establish partnership and scale together. Established since 2017, Innovation Factory fostered technological innovation and empowered Indonesian through a series of accelerator programs which helped investing and nurturing startups in Indonesia.

Currently, Innovation Factory shows its presence in Jakarta, Bandung and Jogjakarta through BLOCK71 co-working space, startup accelerator called SKALA, and Indonesia’s first food innovation and knowledge hub known as Accelerice.


For the last decade, coworking space industry is growing significantly and becomes a mainstream trend especially among remote workforce. It happens because companies and individuals are able to utilize cost saving and convenience through the use of sharing infrastructure, such as equipment, seats, tables, meeting room, event room and pantry. With the increased demand of coworking spaces in big cities, that results in more job opportunities available to work. Innovation Factory is one of the fast-growing companies with plentiful opportunities for growth and learning as a team of passionate individuals. Those individuals are usually committed to tech innovation initiatives by building a supporting and rich entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Currently, Innovation Factory shows its presence in Jakarta, Bandung and Jogjakarta through BLOCK71 co-working space, Indonesia’s first 20-week pre-seed program offering USD 50,000 for technology startups called SKALA, and Indonesia’s first food innovation and knowledge hub to empower, accelerate, and innovate food & beverages businesses known as Accelerice

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The Challenge

Innovation Factory found out that many recruitment sites and job boards did not identify well with the exclusive positions that they offered. Many of the roles required to operate a coworking space are added outside of normal traditional office space roles. Those new roles are Community Manager, Community Partnership Associate, and Event Manager.

Innovation Factory held an online job fair in collaboration with Nusatalent

Their purpose is to develop the relationships within the community space to build the desired work styles. They also create exciting events and workshops to develop their local communities by inviting speakers, creating community gathering, networking event and parties to strengthen bond between each employees.

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How NusaTalent Help

14-days Free Trial to Post Job Vacancies

Free trial program is meant to mitigate the unknown result of utilizing the particular product or service. It also helps to give complete picture of how the product can give important values that contribute to the development of companies. Innovation Factory tried a 14-days free trial program offered by NusaTalent as a way of testing job applicants whether the talent pool meets the requirement they need or not.

This initiative was extremely helpful for the recruiter team because they could analyze thoroughly the talent pool without having to spend any cash. Moreover, if recruiter team does not get what they expected from the service, they could choose to withdraw from the relationship without any obligation.

At that time, Innovation Factory recruiter team posted Marketing Communication Intern and Creative & Design Intern on the job board. After went through the free trial period, recruiter team manage to select several potential candidates that fit with the criteria thanks to the NusaTalent’s network with universities to help distribute job posts to the university career center job board. Feeling relatively satisfied with the result, recruiter team enticed to continue to the paid plan where they could post additional 5 job vacancies for the duration of 3 months.

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